Using Fibreglass for Sound Insulation

Fibreglass is a remarkably versatile material that is used in a range of applications. One such, very specialised application is its use in acoustic insulation, which is needed across industries and settings all over the world. At home, in commercial setups and widespread across industrial ones, it forms the basis of some of the most important sound control processes out there. There are a number of reasons why fiberglass insulation would be applied to this purpose; let’s explore a few of the most common ones here.

Lowering Internal Noise

In many situations it is necessary to keep sound in. This might be the case with both commercial and home cinemas, clubs or bars, recording studios and factories. Managing noise levels can be done fairly simply with fibreglass, and it does so with fewer hazards than other materials.

Reverberation Adjustment for Recording

Fibreglass is also commonly used for acoustic adjustments and cancellation in recording studios where crisp audio quality is a crucial part of clear, high-quality recording. As sound is produced in a room, it  bounces off of surfaces, losing its quality each time, adding echoes and reverb. By using fibreglass for acoustic insulation, this reverberation can be limited to a great degree to enhance quality.

Absorbing External Sounds

As it is with keeping sound in, fibreglass for acoustic insulation can also be used to keep external sounds out of a room. This is essential in recording where any interference or static can hamper the quality of a sample substantially. For homes or commercial setups that are situated near noisy areas, such as highways, fibreglass can be employed to good measure to keep these unwanted sounds outside.

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