How Thermal Insulation Will Improve Your Business Overall

What Does Thermal Insulation Provide To Your Factory?

Protection Of Employees

When installing thermal mats or coverings, one of the main benefits is the protection of your employees physical and mental health.

Thermal insulation is used in order to stop the spread of excessive heat from entering the workspace, something which drys the air out,  decreases the amount of oxygen and making everything uncomfortable.

Employees may struggle to breathe if the machines are not covered with thermal insulation.

Hot and cold insulation is very important in protecting the wellbeing of employees as extreme heat or cold can lead to problems, in some cases even death.

Protecting your employees from such harm will also help to prevent days off and can keep the productivity high.

Reduce Heat Loss

When machines which need heat to function and produce correctly begin to lose too much heat, the entire production process is failing, not to say that the final product won’t be complete, however, the quality may be questionable.

Thermal insulation is installed on and over, in the form of mats, which will stop the heat from being lost in the machine.

Heat is not the only major concern when looking to install hot insulation as the amount of energy that is being consumed due to the fact that the heat is not at the right level is an issue.

Vedder and Moffat are able to easily install the insulation, helping to save on heat expulsion as well as energy costs.

Improve The Quality Of Machine Output

Linking to the above mentioned, when the machine is functioning with the right amount of heat, not using excessive energy to run, the thermal insulation is doing its job and so is the machine.

When a machine is able to run at optimum, the machine will work at full capacity, therefore providing the right quality of products and materials.

The better quality your machines are producing the better quality your products will be, or on the flip side, the better materials you will be providing to your clients.

Both hot and cold insulation is known to improve the quality of machine output greatly which also ensures that the machines last longer, not working overtime to do simple things.



Improved Environmental Impact

Yes, the amount of heat that is being provided by the machines in factories and in the industrial sector has a huge environmental impact.

However, by using thermal insulation you are limiting the amount of heat that you and the machine is producing and expelling.

By doing so you are actually helping to curb the impact that your business has on the plant and on increasing the devastation of climate change.

Vedder and Moffat believe in this approach as well,  where they are able to help your business and help the planet simultaneously.

Lengthening The Lifespan Of Equipment

As mentioned before, the toll which the machines are under throughout the production process is high enough that if it is not running on optimum, or rather that it has to work harder, its lifespan begins to decrease.

If the machine or equipment produces a high volume of heat or cold, making it something which needs to be covered in some way to prevent the temperature from dropping, hot or cold insulation may be the solution.

What this does is stop the machine from working harder than it has to, keeping it at the lifespan which it should be at, rather than the one it will be at if it continues to perform without insulation.

Fire Prevention


On top of hot insulation, the use of thermal insulation is actually very useful for the prevention of fires.

The thermal insulation is able to stop the fire from being exposed to surfaces and nearby individuals, helping to stop the flow of the fire.

Fire hazards are always risky and are more frequent in the factory setting, however, by taking measures into your own hands, you will see a decrease in the risk.


Although the complete prevention of fire is out of the question, as there is no real way for a fire to be prevented entirely, thermal insulation helps in decreasing the spread of the flames of the fire.

When working with Vedder and Moffat, you are getting the highest quality mats and coverings, doing its job effectively and adding a barrier between human and flame.

Hot and cold insulation in Johannesburg is a passion for the company and something which they feel benefits more businesses, as their products improve the quality of other products while maintaining safety.


Another benefit of using thermal insulation on machines which produce high levels of heat,  with the possibility of fires spreading, is that the fire is able to be controlled in a small space, which helps to stop it from spreading any further.

This is a great help as the chances of anyone getting injured in any way decreases, leaving the focus on putting the fire out and continuing to work productively.

We know you care about fire safety just as much as anyone, be sure to contact Vedder and Moffat for more information about installing hot and cold insulation onto your machines.

Industrial Pipe Insulation

Process Stability

Pipes may be an integral part of the overall functioning of your business, carrying materials and substances through space or an entire plant from one place to another, which will be used in the production of items.

Whether it be hot or cold insulation, the pipes need to be insulated in order to effectively transport the substances.

If the pipes are loose or are corroding, the process of getting the materials through could be slowed down, or could not be working altogether.

By installing something like thermal insulation, you will be ensuring that the process which the pipes are being used for, is being fulfilled completely and effectively.

Material Stability

When pipes are running correctly, they are transporting liquids or gases to ensure that the production processes of other machines and equipment are working.

On the other hand, if it is not running correctly, your facility will have a problem as this means that there are materials in the pipe which are not being transported correctly.

If the amount of the material is being decreased through the pipe, the amount which is needed for the proper product is not being met.

By adding in mats and coverings over the pipes, acting as either a hot or cold insulation, will maintain the temperature of the pipes, while also stopping the unwanted decrease of materials from the pipes themselves.

Health Safety

If you think about it, if there are leaks in pipes, carrying materials which are chemical, in either liquid or gas form, the spread of the chemicals in the space will be harmful to those in the area.

Thermal insulation is used in order to maintain temperature, however, it is also used in order to stop any leaks from passing substances through the air or onto the plant’s floor, which could cause people to slip, or could be harmful to the individual’s respiratory system or brain.

Vedder and Moffat feel strongly about the fact that harmful substances should be controlled and stay controlled, providing their products which do exactly that.

Reducing The Chance Of Corrosion

Corrosion is a huge problem when dealing with pipes and one of the major reasons as to why pipes will begin to loosen and leaks will begin to appear.

Hot and cold insulation, depending on which pipe and chemical you are using, will help in order to reduce the chance of corrosion spreading, also increasing the chance of your pipes lasting longer.

This brings down the overall maintenance needed, as well as the overall costs as the need to continuously replace pipes being decreased as pipes will last much longer.

Decreasing the need for maintenance is a huge plus. where often the maintenance needs to be done regularly, slowing down productivity and increasing downtime.


Regardless if it is Crayflex, used for hot insulation, or Armaflex, used for cold insulation, the one major property of the coverings is that they are lightweight, not adding really any load to the overall structure of the machine or pipe.

This means that the pipes will not have to work extra hard to function in any way, also meaning that the installation process is much simpler and faster than you may think.

Thermal insulation with the use of Crayflex has seen a huge improvement in the production output of pipes and machines, compared to when the item does not use it.


Acoustic Insulation

While thermal insulation is based well, on holding the heat in a confined space, while also stopping any leaks from growing and also spreading the chemicals into the air, there are also acoustic properties which they can provide.

Acoustic insulation is its own type of insulation altogether, however hot and cold insulation also helps in decreasing the amount of sound pollution which pipes and other machines may be producing.

This is a big benefit for your employees as they will not be getting affected by loud noises as badly as before, allowing them to focus and not worry about hearing damage.

If thermal or acoustic insulation interests you, be sure to contact Vedder and Moffat.

Custom Design

Thermal insulation contractors will also be able to create custom designs for your Crayflex or  Armaflex, being able to effectively wrap around the pipe or specific pipes, in order to do its job.

The benefit of this is that each and every pipe, regardless of size or shape, will be able to be fitted with the correct insulation, providing your business with the same efficiency and function as every other business which Vedder and Moffat work with.

Custom designs are made specifically to what you have rather than using a set design and forcing it to work with your pipes.

The innovation of hot and cold insulation in Johannesburg and the greater South Africa has helped to improve business consistency and productivity.

What Is An Insulation Contractor?


Thermal insulation contractors are individuals who are skilled and experienced in being able to analyse a situation, be it in terms of pipe or machine insulation, and deciding what action is the best course to improve your situation.

The contractor plans out how much hot and cold insulation you need, and will also plan out what type of design will work best for what your business needs.

This is all dependant on what type of machines and pipes you use, as well as what preexisting issues may need to be fixed.

After this, they will relay the information back to Vedder and Moffat who will be able to start the process of manufacturing what you need.


Once the analysis is done, the team at Vedder and Moffat will begin the implementation of the products, be it Crayflex or Armaflex, onto your pipe systems, machines or equipment.

This process is not only highly effective but it also great in improving the productivity of your employees as there are no delays in production, decreasing downtime in a big way.

Thermal insulation has come a long way from where it began, constantly being improved in order to help businesses improve in terms of their productivity, as well as the overall quality of the products themselves.

Contact Vedder & Moffat For More Information

If you’re looking for high quality thermal and acoustic insulation, be it for your machines or pipe systems, be sure to contact Vedder and Moffat for more information.

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