Regulating Temperatures in Malls

It’s true what they say; South Africa has one of the greatest climates. Whilst we enjoy and appreciate the hot summers and reasonably warm winters (in comparison to other places on our world map), summers in Johannesburg can still be extremely hot, whereas being used to the heat of those summers makes us locals feel the cold of winter all the more. Our shopping centres need sufficient insulation for both cold and warm temperature maintenance so that we can shop in comfort.

The Importance of Proper Insulation for Shopping Centres

Ever stepped out of the scorching heat of summer into a cool shopping centre? Regardless of whatever I was there for, the comfort of that coolness has often resulted in unnecessary browsing simply so I could enjoy the cool temperature for longer.

Similarly, if shoppers find the environment undesirable in terms of convenience and comfort (which includes optimal temperatures), they are likely to want to move on quickly and rather find what they need or want at a location where they are more content.

Saving Energy, Saving Costs

Effective insulation is comprised of the finest materials. As an example, ceramic or silica materials can be used to withstand extremely high temperatures that help to hold heat in pipes for faster and more efficient transportation of the pipes’ contents, without having to use excess energy to keep pumping it along.

Materials for cold insulation include foam glass, rubber and Armaflex which are designed to sustain cold temperatures and prevent damage from condensation – again, saving energy and further saving costs both as a direct result and as the result of fewer repairs and material replacements being needed.

Want People to Flock to Your Mall?

Insulation solutions that bring out the best functionality as well as increased sustainability of the heating and cooling systems that you have in place is one way of saving energy, time and money whilst boosting sales through an influx of customers that find the environment ideal for browsing or grabbing a bite to eat. Contact thermal insulation contractors, Vedder and Moffat or visit their website for more information.

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