The Importance of Insulating Steam Pipes

In many industrial and commercial applications, steam pipes are essential for continued and reliable production. Though as essential as they are, they are faced with their own sets of challenges and needs. Because of this, site and floor managers or business owners need to ensure that they are adequately protected and properly installed; and one such crucial way of doing this is by ensuring that steam pipes are correctly insulated. This will not only hold advantages for the pipes themselves, but will also increase the quality of the steam that they produce, and will also ensure that your working environment is safe to operate in.

Protecting Personnel

In their process of producing and transporting steam across your facility or between your equipment, steam pipes retain and emit an incredible amount of heat. When working with these pipes, workers are putting themselves at risk of getting burnt. By insulating your steam pipes you will effectively lower their surface temperature, which will alleviate the severity of this risk.

Improving Steam Quality

Since uninsulated steam pipes suffer plenty of losses in energy, they tend to carry lower quality steam than they should. Most industrial appliances require 100% quality steam (which has 0% moisture and 100% vapour). So by insulating your steam pipes, you can significantly reduce the loss of energy, effectively raising the quality of the vapour your pipes can transport.

Ensure Component Longevity

Steel pipes that house consistent vapour are prone to damages from corrosion, which can make short work of metallic materials, especially those that make up your steam pipes. When this happens, you may be faced with untimely failures and expensive replacements that could have been avoided if the steam pipes were properly insulated.

Conserving Energy Consumption

For applications that concern heating, you will want to ensure that as little heat escapes from the pipes and living or working areas as possible. The more you lose, the harder your equipment will need to work to maintain the ideal environment. By insulating your steam pipes, you will effectively manage the loss of heat from your pipes, and therefore your facilities ability to manage its power costs.

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For further information on the importance of insulating your steam pipes, or for a trusted service that can ensure you get it done properly, contact our team of thermal insulation contractors at Vedder & Moffat, or take a look at our website for further details.

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