Hot insulation materials are particularly designed to insulate piping systems, moving gas and substance at inflated temperatures.
The insulation materials used manufacture the insulation work to block your pipes from overheating, while keeping the heat inside the pipe.
This helps with cutting down energy bills for your facility, saving you cash in the long run.
There are different types of Insulation Materials that are used during an unfortunate situation that requires hot insulation and they are as follows:

Spiral-wrap Fiberglass

This type of fiberglass is a little hard to install, but exceptionally cheap for your hot insulation needs. It keeps both the contents being moved at the right temperature, whilst making sure the excess heat is kept constant within the piping system.

Cray Flex

This material has an excessive thermal, heat and chemical resistance, while still manufactured from high quality raw materials.

Resin Bonded Rockwool

It is used in both cold and hot insulation, and it has an excessive thermal, heat and chemical resistance with an unmatched Vedder and Moffat dimensional stability.
The most critical part about picking a Hot Insulation Service material in one of our Johannesburg branch is having knowledge of the maximum temperature the insulation will be covering.
Components less than 350 degrees F can be covered with off the shelf pre-molded fiberglass.
When components are closer or above temperatures of 1000 degrees F, silica or ceramic insulation is normally required. It is very vital to adhere to producers’ suggestions when picking and installing insulation for hot components.
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